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hold your colour

love psychedelico

5/17/11 03:20 am - Ohai

December 26, 2009 Ohai

Misses you very very much, my beloved big nugget sheepsheep (:::::::::::::::::::::::::
Floats many kisses and a big tight cuddles to you.

LUV <3


random old stuff like this only makes me love you more. i hope our love will always stay as strong as how it was captured in that time. <3

4/15/11 11:16 pm - on being happy

Not-so-recently, my friend made a comment on happiness. we were considering paying people to do work that we were sian to do (read: interview transcriptions), but we didn't want to pay for it out of our rapidly receding budget. so she suggested paying for it out of our own pockets. and of course, it was met with some vehement objections. who wants to pay for school work out of their own pockets? come on. but she replied, "well, if this is what it takes to make us happy, then i don't mind paying for it out of my own pocket. as long as we are happy."

to be honest i was stunned by the plain truth in her sentence. how often had i forsaken my own happiness for money? giving up little comforts just to save those few dollars. after all, money IS made to be spent, and on things that make you happy and feel good, right? i usually like to spend only on things that are tangible so that i don't feel that my money is going to waste and not on stuff like cab fares, indulging in good food, and yes, transcriptions. but if this will make me feel less stressed and relieve my burden, then it is money well spent no? 

i've been positive and high-spirited these days. and i would like to say that nigahiga and kevjumba play a huge part in it :) i know i sound like a fangirl but i'm not! (too old). it's just that whenever i watch them on youtube i can feel some of their youthfulness and cheerfulness rubbing off on me and it just makes me want to be happy and take life easy. watch kevjumba's "Be Happy" video - because yes, people are too depressed, being sad will only make your life more miserable, and since you can't change what's going on why not make life easier for yourself and people around you by taking things positively? listen to your favourite (upbeat) songs, chil out, do things you like, we should all do these to make ourselves feel better. enjoy life.

yes, enjoy life. Singaporeans, in my opinion, need to enjoy life more. we're just too stressed out! whoever invented this 'kiasu' mentality - it's killing us. is this what we term 'survival of the fittest'? recently i read that Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world - wow, so we beat the South Koreans AND the Japanese in working hard. seriously though, i think we need to adopt a little more relaxation and inject a dose of fun into our working culture here. 
so my mid-year's resolution will be to stay happy and be cheerful! i'll be flying to BKK on a shopping trip for 4 days and i'm super looking forward to it. i really would like to go to America though, just to experience their rich-in-fat food and massive supermarkets. someone bring me there please??

4/3/11 04:14 pm

with the final semester marks the end of my university education... i feel like i've just passed a milestone in my life and am heading (sort of aimlessly) into the next. suddenly i feel compelled to be more responsible, more mature, more decisive in my life. which is supposed to be a good thing, but sadly makes me just feel OLD.

i don't want to graduate!!! can i please study forever? having the freedom of going late for classes, doing my assignments at my own time and target without having to report to anyone, having the choice to decide if a class is worth going or not. i guess that's the luxury you get when you are the one PAYING. when it comes to earning money, this freedom basically has to be given up. but that's not all i miss.  i will definitely miss the lunch times, lunch crowd, wearing the NTU uniform that is shorts and slippers, taking courses that are fun and enjoyable i.e language or music or art courses, and seeing all my friends. 

the next few weeks will probably fly by, with FYP, tests, assignments and the concert coming up. i'll definitely feel the strongest pang of nostalgia on my last 2 hour long journey to pulau NTU. even though i always complain about the journey and the stress.... i actually think i'll miss it. because it was fun while it lasted..

3/7/11 10:31 pm

no eq

2/7/11 04:05 am

 stop feeling sorry for yourself, pick yourself up - let's go!
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